Mother’s Day Wishes

Mother’s Day is always a special time of year when we thank all the women who brought us into this world. Here are some messages our HiEmployment Staff wanted to pass along…

What message would you like to give your Mother?

“Thank you mom for feeding me well…LOL it is seriously starting to show. On the serious note, thank you so much for all your love and support.”

“I never knew how much you loved me, until I became a mom.”

“Behind every good kid is a great Mother.”

“If she was still here with us and my family. I’d like to thank her very much for teaching me so much great wonderful things in life of being a mother to my 3 wonderful children. I really miss and love her so much but I do know she is with me and my children spiritually.”

“All the love that give gave me made me a better person. I cannot describe how much I love her!!”

“Thank you for being my Mother. Through all the years, you are still the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Still the strong mom that I admire.”

“I love and miss you, wish you were here to be with your grandbabies, but I know you are watching over them.”

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

“There is never a dull moment.”

“Being a hero in my child’s eyes.”

“Having the opportunity to leave behind a legacy.”

“Best thing about being a mother is those moments when you get to sit back. All noise fades. And you realize how far you and your children have come. You are all still alive! And then the noise starts coming back into reality. LOL!”

“The best thing is to watch your children grow and blossom, especially after facing such adversity.”

“I’m a role model to my kids they look up to me for guidance and support. I’d like for my 3 children to be better than me in life and succeed without a struggle.”

“The best thing about being a mother is knowing that everything you have taught or given to your children will then be passed down to their children and so on, leaving your legacy to carry on. The gift of motherhood is irreplaceable. The gift of your children is irreplaceable as well.”

“Waking up with your children asking “Mom, what’s for breakfast?””

What’s the best motherly advice that you’ve gotten OR would like to give?

“Best motherly advice I would give is that if you made a mistake somewhere in your child’s younger years, remember that you can’t go back an re mother them, all you can do is ask for forgiveness and be the mother they need you to be today. Yesterday is gone.”

“Sleep when baby sleep :)”

“Keep on swimming…keep on swimming…”

“Slow down and embrace it all. Every moment goes by too quickly.”

“Hold their hand for as long as they will allow you to. One day, you have to let go.”

“Although we all have our own struggles I have fallen in the past with daily struggle in life and now I have succeed in getting my life back on track they see a “Happy Me”. And my kids are very respectful and generous and would drop anything to lend a helping hand.”

“Spend as much time with your children and cherish every moment you have with them. They grow up fast!”

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.
~Abigail Van Buren~”

What would you like to tell ALL mothers out there?

“To all mothers: Thank you for being the backbone of your families. I appreciate you as a mother.”

“Being a mother myself, I now know how strong a love is for your child.”

“It’s ok to take a mommy time out”

“Enjoy every moment with your family”

“There’s a reason some people think they can do anything…they listened to their Mothers.”

“You are the most important part of our lives. Thank you for all the love, care and attention all the time!!”

“Thank you so much for being a wonderful mother and teaching us all the great things in life whether it’s good or bad no one is perfect. Happy Mother’s Day.”


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