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Job Number 000043Q7
Job Title Prep Cook
Location Kamuela, HI
Description Monday-Friday 7am-330pm (30 minute unpaid lunch break)
The Cannery cooks prepares products according to set recipes for retail sales which include; Brittle, Popcorn, Glazed nuts.
Duties and responsibilities
- Prepares/stocks work area with supplies for the days cooking.
- Checks cooking equip. For proper working order
- Informs supervisor of any and all maintenance needs.
- Uses standardized recipes, follows recipes. Meet/exceed batch daily quotas.
- Lifting copper kettles and pouring and spreading brittle, packing bulk for hand packers.
- Mixing glazed nuts and separating, cooling and bulk storage.
- Works safely, assists others when needed.
- Cleans, sanitizes all cooking equip at end of day.
- Ensures daily paperwork is complete and correct.
- No special education required.
- Current or previous manufacturing experience a plus.
- Previous cooking skills helpful
- Able to weigh and measure ingredients. Add ingredients at proper temperature intervals.
- Positive attitude, excellent communication skills
- Able to be organized
- Record keeping/logging of lot codes, expiration dates, recipes.

Working conditions
Work is performed in an air-conditioned environment.
Because of cooking and production, it can get warm at times.
Protective equip is requires such as gloves, hairnets, beard nets, aprons.

Physical requirements
Must be able to lift 50#
Must be able to lift (30#) kettles of cooked brittle mix throughout the day.(with assistance)
Able to stand for the entire shift, (8 hours)

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