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Job Number 000042P5
Job Title Station manager
Location Kahului, HI
Description The Retail Store Manager is responsible for the overall operations of the store, and Ensures that the store meets performance objectives, serve customers' needs, and develops store/station employees.

Primary job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Plan and manage station activities to maximize operating profit and meet monthly objectives.
2. Monitor fuel sales volume and competitor pricing to assist the pricing analyst in development of station specific fuel pricing strategies and tactics.
3. Monitor non-fuel movement and competitor offerings to assist in development of station specific product mix and pricing strategies.
4. Maintain store layout and product displays per schematics.
5. Develop station level sales promotions and assist in implementing network-wide promotional and advertising campaigns.
6. Manage fuel and non-fuel inventory to ensure optimum stocking levels.
7. Staff and schedule labor to meet customer demand while staying within budget.
8. Control operating expenses, including maintenance, utilities, supplies and inventory loss.
9. Enforce state and local laws regarding the sale of tobacco, tobacco products and alcohol.
10. Prepare and submit daily sales reports accurately and timely, including, invoices, bank deposits and environmental compliance reports.
11. Safeguard and account for all money received and disbursed.
12. Organize and maintain all site files, manuals, and other information materials.

1. As a top priority, develop and assign tasks appropriately to ensure that the site is clean, adequately rotated and stocked, and organized for fast, convenient and professional service to customers.
2. Ensure a clean, friendly and well-maintained station environment to provide customers with a buying experience that meets their expectation.
3. Monitor customer needs and expectations, and work with station employees to ensure those needs are met. Assist customers at the pump and in the store to find the desired product and operate equipment.
4. Actively solicit customer feedback via consistent personal interaction, formal surveys and the company's complaint mechanism.
5. Ensure complaints are resolved quickly and sincerely to the customer's, vendor's and contractor's satisfaction.
6. Develop positive and professional relationships with all suppliers.
7. Promote and ensure a safe, positive public image within the neighboring community.

1. Find, develop, guide and evaluate employees to operate the station effectively and safely provide superior customer service.
2. Maintain a professional and supportive image among subordinates and supervisor.
3. Actively recruit, interview and select highly qualified applicants utilizing non-discriminatory management skills.
4. Prepare and submit all employee paperwork accurately and timely.
5. Ensure that all employees receive continuous on-the-job and company required training to improve customer service performance and safety awareness.
6. Motivate, reward, and discipline employees as needed to improve individual and station performance.
7. Implement a progressive disciplinary approach when dealing with employee performance issues, prepare and submit the proper documentation.
8. Set and communicate performance expectations, and evaluate actual performance based on those expectations. Prepare on-going performance appraisals in writing for all employees, providing proper performance based feedback.
9. Develop high potential employees through coaching and training so they are ready for promotion to the next level.
10. Carry out all company policies.

1. Maintain a safe work environment for employees and customers by setting safety as a priority.
2. Ensure pump islands, lot and store areas are clean and free of debris at all times.
3. Work with facilities manager to maintain appearance standards of paving, lighting, canopy and other phys

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