COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant Program
Pandemic Assistance for Employees and Employers

Employers: Is your business or non-profit engaged in humanitarian efforts to assist those impacted by the
COVID-19 Pandemic, and in need of workers to assist in recovery efforts? 

Complete an appropriate Worksite Proposal Form by clicking the link below to become a worksite for individuals who qualify for this grant program. 


Individuals: Did you lose your job due to the COVID-19 Pandemic? This grant program may be able to hire you for up to 1 year (2080 hours) working on recovery programs with a public entity, local business or non-profit organization.

View the Employee Eligibility Checklist by clicking the link below to see if you may be eligible.

Our Team at HiEmployment is Here to Help You Through the Process

Please Contact: 
Michele David, Statewide Project Manager
COVID-19 Disaster Dislocated Worker Grant Program