Barbara’s Wednesday Wisdom 9.16

Thank you Hawaii Business Magazine for using our Barbara as a resource. Always a pleasure! Here’s your Wednesday Wisdom for September 2016:

Q: I finished college last spring and am actively pursuing a career in business. I get up every morning and check all the websites, do all the online applications, and send my resume to places that look solid. I have my LinkedIn page updated, my Facebook account is clean (no college beer pong photos), and my Twitter feed is filled with pithy takes on business trends and news. I’ve gotten a few interviews but no job, no promising leads and, mostly, a black hole of internet silence. What am I doing wrong?

A: Get outside, my friend! Get some fresh air. Walk away from the screen, look folks in the eye and have a conversation. Business is built on relationships, integrity, chemistry.

As we lean on technology more and more, business and human resource professionals are keenly focused on your personal attributes, not just your screen appearance. When I pose your question to Barbara Guss, professional recruiter at HI-Employment, she laughs and says, “People tell me that all the time – they are applying ad nauseum online, and while someone occasionally gets lucky, most are disappointed.” Her advice? Get out there and work your network. Get involved in organizations and associations in the fields you’re interested in. Is there a particular company you covet? Ask about internships or volunteer opportunities.

“A no is as good as a yes,” she says. “It means you’re working it. Keep going. Have as much personal contact as possible, and make sure you’re doing something productive and meaningful in the meantime.”

It’s a tough world out there, and first impressions matter. A lot. Remember to personalize your cover letters, emails and resume to the specific job and individual you’re targeting. “Make a personal connection,” Guss says. “When I get a letter addressed to another employer, for example, I conclude the applicant is either negligent, lazy or has no common sense.”

Ouch. Whatever you do, don’t be that guy.

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