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Job Number 000042RS
Job Title Skilled Labor
Location Honolulu, HI
Description Cleaner

Position Description
Title: Cleaner HR Internal Use Only Job Code: FLSA Status: non-exempt Date Revised: 08/08/2013
Position Summary
Responsible for performing cleaning functions in homes and common areas.
Key Responsibilities
? Performs each cleaning function in accordance with schedule issued by management.
? Responsible for such scheduled functions as cleaning entire homes including bathrooms, appliances thoroughly throughout.
? Responsible for cleaning activities in common areas including Community Centers, office spaces including bathrooms, windows, floors, etc.
? Responsible for carrying and maintaining all cleaning supplies necessary to satisfactorily perform his/her routine functions.
? Completes work quickly and efficiently in order to meet project deadlines and to reduce home vacancy.
? Attends trainings, workshops and meetings as position requires.
? Promotes and practices incident-injury free (IIF) and sustainability.
? Adheres to company policies and procedures.
? May be responsible for other common area cleaning including trash pick-up, doggie waste station and community trash removal.
? Demonstrates respect and regard for the dignity of all residents, families, visitors, vendors and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible, and courteous environment.
? Follows and adheres to all WinnSafe policies, practices and procedures.
? Commits to recognize and respect cultural diversity for all customers (internal and external).
? Communicates effectively with internal and external customers with respect of differences in cultures, values, beliefs and ages, utilizing interpreters when needed.
? Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Knowledge & Skills
? Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work.
? Able to work to deadlines and manage time effectively.
? Ability to assess a situation, gather information and use sound judgment based on information gathered.
? Ability to work under pressure.
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REV 05/08/13
? Education: High School Diploma or GED Equivalent preffered.
? Experience (Type & Length): 1 - 3 years of office or residential cleaning experience preffered.
? Certification/Licensure: A current vehicle license in good standing and meet the driving records standards outlined in the Company Safe Vehicular Operations Policy.
? Software/Hardware:
? Other: Some properties may require employees to provide their own vehicle for business use. Mileage will be reimbursed.
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REV 05/08/13
Working Conditions
Lifting Requirements Vision Requirements
Amount of Pounds
Amount of Time
Not Needed
Up to 25%
75% or More
Vision Requirements
Close Vision
Up to 10 lbs.
Distance Vision
Up to 25 lbs.
Color Vision
Up to 50 lbs.
Peripheral Vision
Up to 100 lbs.
Depth Perception
Over 100 lbs.
Ability to Adjust Focus
Work Environment: Exposure to the following environmental conditions Activity Amount of Time Spent
Up to 25%
75%or More
Outdoor Weather Conditions
Risk from Leaks (Water or Other Fluid)
Risk of Electrical Shock
Risk from Blood Borne Pathogens
Risk from Flammable, Explosive Gases
Risk from Toxic or Caustic Chemicals
Risk from Dust or Other Irritants
Risk from Grease or Oils
Risk from General Hazardous Situations
Risk from Cleaning Agents/Chemicals
Hot or Noisy Equipment
Other Very Quiet Quiet Moderate Loud Very Loud
Level of Noise that is Typical in the Work Environment
Safety Equipment Used When Performing This Job
Safety Eye Glasses
Back Braces
Filter Lens (Welding/Soldering)
Face Shields
Ear Plugs or Mufflers
Hard Hat
Dust Mask
Other (specify)
I have been given a copy of this position description, and have read and will comply with the expectations and requirements outlined in this document.
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Employee Signature:
Manager Name:
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